Proofreading is the final step to undertake ahead of publishing your piece of writing. During this stage, I look at the document laid out in its final form.


Here, any errors introduced at the layout stage, such as missing text or bad word breaks, are corrected and a final error-checking pass is conducted. By far the greatest power of proofreading is its ability to perfect already great writing, and complement any content editing previously conducted.


Use the proofreading service to get your writing absolutely publication-ready. Following a proofread, you can be sure your audience can focus exclusively on your content, without being distracted by frustrating errors.

What you will receive:

  • Corrections to all grammar, spelling and punctuation errors

  • Consistent language and formatting throughout your document

  • Fixing of any errors that were missed or introduced through editing

  • Tracked revisions allowing you to see and review the changes made

  • Adherence to your chosen style guide