I approach copy editing single-mindedly, identifying and eliminating errors in grammar, any inconsistencies and substituting weak words and phrases with more powerful alternatives.


A technician of language, I am equipped with the resources to fine-tune your book’s text and ensure that the language supports your intent — while also creating the most readable version of your book.


Ever been caught with misused phrases like “for all intensive purposes” or “I should of known better” hidden in the pages of your manuscript? How about earning a place as chair of the Department of Redundancy Department with needlessly wordy phrases which spell the death of clear writing? 


A meticulous copy editor will pick up these subtle errors to enhance your credibility as a polished writer. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

What you will receive:

  • A painstakingly checked manuscript where each sentence has been thoroughly examined to ensure the meaning is clear - both as a standalone sentence and in context

  • Assurance your copy delivers on the promise iterated in its title and introduction

  • Copy scrutinised for accuracy and to confirm it makes sense

  • Recommendations to ensure consistent terminology, capitalisation, vocabulary, numerical data and formatting

  • Suggestions to correct your table of contents, spelling, grammar, punctuation and cross-references