Before you get into copy editing and proofreading, you need to make sure you have a strong and cohesive “bigger picture” for your writing. That’s where I come in. Ensuring your manuscript is well-written is critical to its overall appeal and comprehensibility - essentially, whether your audience will want to read your book, and how it will be received. 


Taking a deep dive into your manuscript, I will discern whether the theme and plot are well-developed and whether it’s written for the right target market and will grab their attention. But they won’t just tell you, it’s a collaborative process, and you’ll work together to achieve the best possible product, in your own voice.


Getting into the finer detail, your content editor will refine character development to make sure they’re original and believable, assess whether the story moves at a good pace and identify any contradictions, inconsistencies, factual errors or discrepancies.


I am here to make your story the best it can be and will put their best thinking and decision-making forward to guarantee it.

What you will receive:

  • Corrections to all grammar, spelling and punctuation errors

  • Word count reduction (through eliminating redundancy and unnecessary repetition)

  • Recommendations for improving the clarity, flow, structure, and readability of your writing

  • Tracked revisions allowing you to see and review the changes made

  • Detailed feedback highlighting problems and potential solutions for next time

  • A letter from the editor summarising the work that has been done and any major concerns